Rules & Regulation


Full Name/Address:

  1. Each and every beneficiary will have to submit Ten passport size photographs.
  2. Photo identity card. (voters identity card/ pan card/Diving license)
  3. Residential Address Proof (Ration Card/Driving License) for Documentation.
  4. Bank and Taxation formalities.


  1. The Owner/Mediator of the material will deposit the non Refundable Security Deposit in the company in the Company account. The Owner/Mediator will submit his Certified address proof, Signature Verification Certificate from any Nationalized Bank and two pre-signed stamp papers (Rs.. 500/-each).
  2. An appropriate Date will be decided suitable for both parties. On the said date the company authorized coordinator along with duly qualified and authorised Tester/Metallurgist will arrive at the Testing Spot.
  3. Company’s representatives will not exhibit any profile, Documents, Licenses, Cash or Fund proof until the material is certified by the Company Tester/ Metallurgist as positive.
  4. Company’s representative will talk and dealĀ  only with the person who pays the Security Amount and not with anyone else.


  1. Testing Spot should be any building/ hall/ house with four walls and roof.
  2. It should be calm and quiet, Situated in a decent residential locality suitable for business.
  3. It should be close to any Metro or Big City.
  4. There should be a proper motor able road (Tar/ Cement) right up to the testing spot where any four wheelers can be driven.


  1. After expiry of the First Bond (12 hours) the same can be renewed instantly in the following manner.
  • 60% of security amount if renewed with in the First hour.
  • 80% of security amount if renewed within the next Six hours.
  • Full security amount will have to be paid after Seven hours.