About us

UVANDAM METAL INTERNATIONAL Pvt.Ltd. is an international company, with subsidiaries in 5 countries. It is a leading participant in the field of buying and selling precious Rare Earth Metals and advanced high value materials.

UVANDAM METAL INTERNATIONAL Pvt.Ltd. is also a part of the G8 Authority of Research Group and we are capable of meeting the requirements of the most demanding researches in terms of safety and incorporating a high level of flexibility to existing international clients and technological changes.

UVANDAM METAL INTERNATIONAL Pvt.Ltd. has a world wide distribution network of approved system integrators and operators allowing them to offer technology solutions and services. We have a high and team of metallurgist and scientists who develop, through their R&D platforms and product lines which positions us on the medium and high-end market safety to meet the needs of our clients.

UVANDAM METAL INTERNATIONAL Pvt.Ltd. has always chosen an independent system in the auctioning market to provide visibility and a unique cost control to deliver proper knowledge and unmatched responsiveness in adaptability, evolution of its products and the integration of international business rates.


Our approach

Is to satisfy clients and share the benefits mutually.

Client Oriented-Focus

Our clients are our priority and fulfilling their requirements is our biggest responsibility and our objectives are always the foremost in our minds. We avoid ‘design for design’s sake’. We do not indulge our egos, neither seek to win awards. Our aim is to implement intelligent solutions that deliver results for you.

Cost Conscious

Even in good times, we always strive to identify the most cost effective approach. It may not necessarily be the cheapest, but it will be the one that gives best value for money, is scalable over time, and does not luck to you into expensive maintenance or upgrade contracts. We believe in forging long-term relationships with our clients and know that fair, transparent business practices and pricing are pivotal to maintaining these relationships.

Forthright and Honest

We invest significant time and effort in understanding your needs, evaluating all options, shortlisting the best alternatives and recommending those we feel  are optimal for you and your audience. We would never propose the most expensive solution just because it is desirable for our short-term bottom line. It’s not the way we work.

Technically Informed

We keep up to date with all the latest technological developments, so we can offer you a range of solutions, But we only recommend a technology if matches your specific business needs and budget.


While fundamentally Strategic, we’re also practical by nature. We believe in giving our clients the best possible advice and we are not possessive about what we know.

  1. We offer a secure and safe method to buy and sell rare metals at the best possible price in the auctioning Market of USA, UK and Europe.
  2. With a strong Financial structure of UVANDAM METAL INTERNATIONAL Pvt.Ltd, we are able to offer the most competitive pay out schemes.
  3. At present we have been able to sustain a strong footing in USA as one of the newest and most committed service providers in Rare Metals.
  4. We offer a excellent communication and customer support with every single transaction being fully transparent and open.
  5. We conduct all our business transactions through banking channels and as per the law of the land.
  6. We take pride in stating that we provide an instant payment method specially tailored to the needs of our customers.

UVANDAM METAL INTERNATIONAL Pvt.Ltd. which operates Rare Metals Recycling, was presented the prestigious Marketplace Excellence award, in recognition of their ongoing dedication to high business standards, ethics, integrity, and excellent customer service.